May. 2nd, 2009

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First post in DW!
I got actually got an invite around a week ago (to very excited squees) but left the next day on my overseas trip - this is the first place i've had internet for long enough to start getting myself sorted.
Speaking of which, does anyone know why I can't access LJ here? everything else seems to be working fine, & I am in China, so was wondering if the site was blocked? I keep trying to find links and info (not to mention check my old friends page) and I can't get on it at all.

China itself is absolutely amazing. I keep pinching myself, unable to believe i get to be here, trying out my stuttering attempts at communication ( I can talk to people! & they understand me! - I just don't often understand them back) - walking on the great wall - seeing the gardens, building and temples of yihe yuan (the summer palace) - even just catching the subway is an adventure (especially when i get the tone wrong, and the taxi driver and i take 5 repeats to figure out which station i'm trying to get to).

yip, i'm a bit floaty atm - in more than one way, unfortunately. I'm having to spend at least every second day flat on my back, to keep well enough. At least it gives me time on the net - & time to organise my photos!.


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