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Dear Yuletide writer,

Happy Yuletide! Thank you for being matched with me in a fandom. It’s the first time I’ve done yuletide, and I very excited about it. Yuletide is for fun and enjoyment, so please pay my requests only as much attention as you wish to have a great time writing this month.

That being said, you may be one of those people who (like me) likes to know detail. I know this journal is pretty sparse (um, make that nonexistent) regarding fannish stuff, so I’ll try to give you some general likes/dislikes and info, followed by some fandom/request specific comments. Feel free to look at none of it.

I read any fic type (Het, gen, slash, femslash) and any rating (yes, I’m really that easy!).

The only things I can immediately think of that I don’t much like reading are rapefic, major character death, and miraculously disappearing disabilities.

I really love reading about strong, independent women, hence my love of everything written by Tamora Pierce, not to mention Lirael and Sabriel in Nix’s work, and my other requests. Other things I generally love in fic are: every day domestic details (cooking, handcrafts, just how Rosethorn kept her outdoor plant alive in a storm and how Zoe gets her school work done on insane Eureka days); relationships (the angst and the happy times); happy endings; characters of colour; people with disabilities (um... if handled in a realistic manner); kidfic; AUs; crack!fic; adventure stories; lots and lots of other things I can’t think of right now!

With regard to my specific requests, I wish to mention generally I am not wedded particularly to cannon in any of them – I love reading about alternate possibilities, characters who developed differently, worlds that are twisted from norm – but cannon compliant missing scenes and added details are also delightful.

1.       1. Tamora Pierce – Circle series – Lark and Rosethorn

What I said: “I'd just love to read about Lark and Rosethorn interacting. Any time period would be wonderful, though it would be cool to read about them meeting/ setting up discipline or something else pre-book.”

If this was the fandom we matched on, I’m sure you love the Circle books as I do. I greatly enjoy the rich world Pierce has developed, and would love to see any of its facets. If you’d rather focus on characters other than Lark and Rosethorn, do feel free. Really the only thing I’d ask you don’t do is pair Lark and Rosethorn with anyone else, even if you don’t write them together (They’re something of an OTP of mine).

I’d really like to see any part of this world developed more, and love all the characters, so anything set during or after the books would be great. Then again, I’d love some Lark/Rosethorn background – there’s so much potential there, don’t you think? Stories about young Lark the tumbler, or new to the Temple; north of them meeting or establishing discipline, adventures with earlier ‘problem’ students... anything, really. Or, if you feel really wild, some totally AU world – Circle characters on Earth, or in Tortall - in Gotham – go crazy!

2.     2.   North and South – Margaret Hale

What I said: “I'd love to read about Margaret being awesome! We get the impression that she can manage/organise herself (and others) well, I'd love to see her being competent, either within canon circumstance or her being more independent.”

I do love the time period covered in this book – industrialisation, the early labour movement, rise of factories and decline of ‘country life’. Margaret, as part of this changing world, has awesome potential. If you write this, I hope you have fun with her, and her world.

Not very helpful? Well, that’s because I really would love anything set in this world. To give you some ideas if you’re stuck: Margaret managing her inheritance instead of her cousin (it’s totally my head cannon that she does this, though I know it’s not true to the book), teaching, or interacting with either the factory workers or Mrs Thornton would all be fantastic.

3.      3.  Nix, Old Kingdom featuring Lirael and Disreputable Dog

What I said: “Adventures in the library would be great.”

Take this as a suggestion of one of many many things you could do. Any story you feel like writing about the Old Kingdom would be awesome.

4.     4.   Eureka, featuring Zoe or Joe

What I said: “I'd love to see a story about either Jo or Zoe, or both, managing one of Eureka's wacky days with aplomb. Gen, femslash or het all cool.”

Yip, that’s pretty much what I’d love to see – Jo and Zoe are both such strong characters, anything with them is likely to be great.

Hopefully that’s given you some ideas, but if it doesn’t suit, do please push it out of your mind and write what does. Have a lovely time this yuletide. I can’t wait to see who you are and what you’ve written.


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