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 Dear Yuletide writer.

Welcome! I’m delighted to be doing yuletide once again this year, and I do hope you have a really fun time too. 

I’ll do a general bit on my likes and DNW, and then go a little more in depth on the fandoms I requested. Feel free to ignore that! I’m sure I’ll be delighted with whatever you write, and yuletide is all about having fun. In other words, please do treat all this optional detail as entirely optional, and write what you want :)

General Likes
For yuletide I really like positive/happy endings.
I love worldbuilding, all the fandoms I’ve picked this year have rich worlds and I always love reading headcanons and the details around the edges of the story writers pick up and examine more closely. Linked to this, close canon AUs are a love of mine, I delight in stories that start from the ‘what if this one thing changed’ premise. 
I also love the missing scene and slice of life moments, things that happened around the stories or in the middle of them. 
Competence and women being awesome is fantastic. 
Crack treated seriously is also great.
For all prompts gen, het, slash or femslash is equally great.

Do not want
Please no infidelity, non-con, dub-con, death of major (requested) characters or particularly darkfic (darker than cannon). 

Provost’s Dog

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Dec. 23rd, 2012 05:54 pm
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Hi awesome and  anon yuletide writer. I just wanted to let you know I'll be away from my keyboard 'til a couple of days after christmas.
Have a great x-mas, and I'm looking forward to reading your story on the 27th-ish.
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Dear Yuletide writer,

Happy Yuletide! Thank you for being matched with me in a fandom. It’s the first time I’ve done yuletide, and I very excited about it. Yuletide is for fun and enjoyment, so please pay my requests only as much attention as you wish to have a great time writing this month.

That being said, you may be one of those people who (like me) likes to know detail. I know this journal is pretty sparse (um, make that nonexistent) regarding fannish stuff, so I’ll try to give you some general likes/dislikes and info, followed by some fandom/request specific comments. Feel free to look at none of it.

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This post has been circling through my mind for months, and I figured it was about time it got actually written. I’ve read some amazing pieces about disability, disability politics and the like, and I really don’t think I can add to that. So instead, this is a personal stream of consciousness about some of my disability experiences.

I have an ‘invisible’ disability. Around the start of this year I finally gave in, and started using a walking stick, which physically helps out amazingly, allowing me to walk about four times as far as I can without it. Using a stick was a super big change for me, first because it required inner acknowledgement of my disability, which, quite frankly, I’m generally terrible at, preferring to ignore it, second because it was effectively a shift from being invisibly disabled to being visibly so. I was very worried about what this would mean – specifically how it would change others treatment of me. This worry had been part of what made me hesitate for years before I started using a stick.

There’s a heap to say on this topic, so today is just about interactions with strangers – I’ll address changes with friends, family and all in a separate post later sometime.


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So, jumping on the blogswarm bandwagon of world health day: abortion is not a crime, it is a health issue.

First off I thought, I didn't have anything to add to this discussion. Because, yeah, abortion is not (should not be) a crime. That needs to be said, a lot, aloud. But it's been said many times, in many better ways than I could manage.

But then I thought maybe I do have something to say. Because there is one bit of this I have a strong opinion on, and haven't seen much comment around. People say (many people, whom I think highly of, and agree with in most things - and even, just to be confusing, in this thing too, mostly) 'abortion is a matter between a woman and her doctor'.

why the doctor? )
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I've finally emerged from under the rock that was a 7000 word end-of-degree essay (I'm a sheep, here me BA!). With only a week till honours starts, I'm enjoying doing some fun stuff for a change - including baking.

With my numerous food intolerances, cooking tends to involve some creative recipe manipulations. I've found one of the easiest ways to find good recipes is to search for egg-free ones, then do my own flour substitutions. My latest success a yum banana muffin recipe I modified from the the egg-free one provided here.

Here is my version )

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First post in DW!
I got actually got an invite around a week ago (to very excited squees) but left the next day on my overseas trip - this is the first place i've had internet for long enough to start getting myself sorted.
Speaking of which, does anyone know why I can't access LJ here? everything else seems to be working fine, & I am in China, so was wondering if the site was blocked? I keep trying to find links and info (not to mention check my old friends page) and I can't get on it at all.

China itself is absolutely amazing. I keep pinching myself, unable to believe i get to be here, trying out my stuttering attempts at communication ( I can talk to people! & they understand me! - I just don't often understand them back) - walking on the great wall - seeing the gardens, building and temples of yihe yuan (the summer palace) - even just catching the subway is an adventure (especially when i get the tone wrong, and the taxi driver and i take 5 repeats to figure out which station i'm trying to get to).

yip, i'm a bit floaty atm - in more than one way, unfortunately. I'm having to spend at least every second day flat on my back, to keep well enough. At least it gives me time on the net - & time to organise my photos!.


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