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Hi awesome author! Happy Yuletide. I’m pleased you’ve been matched in a fandom with me, and I hope you have a great time writing this Yule. As I have very little fannish info in this journal, I’ll put some general likes and dislikes of mine first, then some comments specific to each request. Please please please read and pay attention to only what will help you make your yuletide experience more enjoyable – feel free to ignore it all! .. Also, I’m writing this at 1am, so please excuse the typos.

I read any fic type (Het, gen, slash, femslash) and any rating (yes, I’m really that easy!).

My main dislikes are rapefic, major character death, and miraculously disappearing disabilities, humiliation, oh and as a general point major unresolved angst (resolved angst, however, is just fine, I’m just not really into tragedies – Romeo and Juliet makes me cross).

My main likes are: awesome women being awesome; details of daily life – and those days when life goes weird; politics; crazy shenanigans, people with disabilities, people of colour, people being competent and happy endings.

Okay, now for the fandom specific stuff.

1.       Foyle’s War

I said “Anything with Sam being awesome would be fantastic. I'd particularly love to read slice-of-life type stories about her coping with daily life in wartime.”

I love Foyle’s War, and Sam in particular, so really anything in this fandom would be wonderful, and anything with Sam would be scrumptious. I really enjoy how rich in detail the series is, so something which explores Sam’s interactions with one of the minor character would be fun eg. – just how much time did she spend mentoring the children (and what happened to the scrap metal)? – female friendships Sam has – does she stay in touch with people she meets on the job?

If you write this, I hope you have fun with the era, and the characters.

2.       Babylon 5

I said “I haven't seen or read the spin-offs, just the original series. I'd love a bit of Babylon 5 wacky life with these two, shippy would be nice but gen is also great.”

I greatly enjoy B5 as a concept as well as a show – the diplomacy and politics, cultural intersection, issues of race, gender, oppression and minority representation, government vs the individual,  – there’s always lots to think about. Not to mention the great snark. I’d love to read about Susan, or Talia, or, actually any of the B5 characters, dealing with some of this. Of course, smut with Susan and... anyone, really, is also very shiny. I’m not particularly wedded to cannon, so do feel free to dive off where ever you feel like, although as mentioned anything based off the spinoffs is likely to confuse – that being said, I don’t mind spoilers, so don’t worry about including anything from them on that count.

3.       Circle of Magic

I said “I would love a story about Daja or Sandry, or both. Perhaps tales from Daja's house in Emelan, or Sandry's experiences managing her uncle's house. Really anything with the Circle as young adults, living life.”

Tamora Pierce’s books have long been favourites of mine. I love to snippets of the characters, adventures they may have gone on – experience that we didn’t hear about in cannon, or ones that happened in a universe just to the left. I particularly like young adult Circle, dealing with being grown up and managing the adult world away from Discipline. However I’m really not fussy ... if you feel like writing pre-series, or them at 40, go ahead! I would ask that you don’t write Daja, Lark or Rosethorn as straight, but other than that any pairings, or gen, are great.

I hope some of that helps, and again – if it leaves you gnashing your teeth in frustration, do just ignore it. Most of all – have fun! :)


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